Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Sheets Distributor India

Lexan sheets from SABIC Innovative Plastics are extruded from Laxan resin giving them a combination of features that most other plastics can only dream of. These sheets are available in variety of profiles, surface textures and shades, Lexan Solid Sheets combine unbelievable strength, excellent clarity and designing flexibility along with other properties inherent to over the past decade.

High Impact Strength

Lexan sheets offer an extremely high impact resistance (upto 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of acrylic) making it virtually unbreakable. These are rated at an impact energy of >200Nm and qualify for the highest performance rating for security glazing as per various International standards.

Light Transmission

Lexan sheets allow 40%-90% (translucent or transparent) light transmission making it perfect for skylight/canopy application. These sheets made from UV-stabilized Lexan resin ensures that the light transmission can be maintained over many years even under direct sunlight.

Design Freedom

Lexan sheets can be installed with a curve under stress. The flexible sheets lend themselves to unique designing for various applications such as skylights, canopies, walkways, etc.

Fire Performance

A limited oxygen index of 25 makes Lexan sheets self extinguishing and non-propagating. These sheets have been given the highest rating for any thermoplastic glazing material by various regulatory bodies world over.

Weather ability

Lexan solid sheets have proprietary UV protected surfaces giving excellent durability to outdoor weathering.

We are headquartered in New, Delhi with branches in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vadodara, Gujarat. Due to our warehouse locations in these strategic locations, we are able to supply Lexan Solid Polycarbonate Sheets in these near by states.

  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bhubneswar, Orissa
  • Shimal, Himachal Pradesh
  • Chandigarh Punjab & Haryana
  • Jammu & Kashmir

LEXAN Solid Sheets:

  • Products
  • LEXAN™ 9030 / 9034 / 9030 TG sheet
  • LEXAM™ FR – UL 94 V2 clear sheet
  • LEXAM™ EXELL™ - D ST – textured sheet
  • LEXAN™ 2 - side UV protected sheet -
    EXELL™ - D, XL102UV sheet
  • Standard Colors
  • Transparent: Clear
  • Standard Sizes
  • Sheet size: Width: 1220mm, 2050mm
    Thickness: 0.75mm – 12.0mm
    (thickness range may vary per product)

LEXAN High Abrasion Resistant Products

  • Products
  • LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – 2 side coated MR 10, MRX
  • LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – 1 side coated MR51, MR101LG,
  • LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – high 0Q 1 side coated – HLG5, HLGA3
  • Standard Colors
  • Transparent: Clear
  • Standard Sizes
  • Sheet size: Width: 1220mm, 2050mm
    Thickness: 0.75mm – 12.7mm


  • Products
  • LEXAN™ UV protected sheet – SGC 100, SG410, SP24
  • LEXAN™ Optical Bright sheet with LED light hiding power: SG305-ob, EXELLD-OB
  • Standard Colors
  • Opal White
  • Standard Sizes
  • Sheets and coils/spools available
  • Thickness: 1.5mm – 6mm


We can provide all customers with corrugatted sheets matching any type of profile.

  • Products
  • LEXAN™ Sinus corrugated sheet
  • LEXAN™ Greca corrugated sheet
  • LEXAN™ Big Six India corrugated sheet
  • LEXAN™ Custom corrugated sheet
  • Standard Colors
  • Clear, Opal White, Bonze
  • Standard Sizes
  • Width: 910mm; 1050mm, 1260mm
  • Length: upto 6000mm
    Thickness: 0.8mm – 2.0mm