Lexan Polycarbonate Films

SABIC’s Specialty Film & Sheet business offers high quality, engineered thermoplastic films across a wide variety of industries, ranging from graphics and consumer electronics to automotive. Our LEXAN™ Polycarbonate film portfolio is backed by advanced technical support and application development services around the world to meet our customers’ global specification needs with local supply.

Constantly Adding Value: Providing more than just high quality products

Today’s growing number of film applications with specific and increasing functionality in high-tech electronics call for innovation, not tradition. SABIC is dedicated to meet these challenges by using its LEXAN™, ULTEM™, VALOX™ and NORYL™ resins, extrusion, surface texturing and coating technologies to create high functional film products.

The company offers state of the art mono and multi-layer extrusion capabilities, in-line master sheeting, roll slitting and cut-to-size services. With our application development facilities, we provide lamination, folding, die-cutting; screen printing, laser-marking and 3D forming services to our Specialty Film & Sheet customers.

At SABIC, we are dedicated to meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs with our unique high performance LEXAN film portfolio and supporting OEMs to reduce system costs, create innovative designs with better functionality and to create environmentally responsible materials. All our film products are RoHS and REACH certified and UL certifications can be found under the UL global database.

Uncoated Films

For the graphics segment, a range of tailormade LEXAN™ polycarbonate graphic film products helps deliver top quality performance and virtually unlimited versatility. These materials are characterized by outstanding optical clarity and mechanical strength, consistent printability and ease of processing. Available in a wide choice of standard and high performance grades, these products offer a variety of surface finishes and textures.

Polished Grades

LEXAN polished films offer 86% to 92% light transmission across all gauges. Some of these films are available in custom colors, subject to a minimum order quantity. In addition, various masking types are available to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Potential applications:
  • In-mold decoration applications for automotive interiors, appliances and consumer electronics
  • LED/LCD display windows
  • Medical packaging
  • Key benefits:
  • True color reproduction
  • Excellent depth effect with no loss of vividness in second-surface printing
  • FDA / USP Class VI compliance (LEXAN 8040 film)
  • Chemical resistance and weathering (LEXAN SLX film)
  • Easy formability
  • Increased pencil hardness
Grade Names Key features Gauge Availability
LEXAN 8010(Q) Film (rolls) - Standard clear polish/polish
- True color reproduction
- UV/non-UV stabilized
100-750 μm
LEXAN 8010(Q)SHT Film (Sheeted) - Clear polished sheeted film
- Q-type for best optical quality & stress control
500-1200 μm
LEXAN 8040 Film - True color reproduction
- High heat resistance
- FDA approved, clear polish/polish
175-750 μm
LEXAN 6060 Film - 2H pencil hardness (externally certified - SGS) 175-250 μm
LEXAN SLX 11010 Film - Polish/Polish - UV resistant, polish/polish film
- Chemical resistance
- Retention of high color and gloss
250 - 750μm
LEXAN 60610 Film - Co-ex polished sheeted film 500-1200 μm

Textured Grades

The range of LEXAN™ textured films offers broad design flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Either one-side or two-side textured products can be used to design 2D and 3D applications with nearly square corners, straight sides, narrow-width lines and flat plateaus. Key features of the films include outstanding dimensional stability and ductility.

  • Potential applications:
  • Lighting and display applications
  • Automotive dashboard and interior applications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Key benefits:
  • Specialty textures enabling:
    – Light diffusion and no “hot-spots” in back-lit applications
    – Scratch and wear resistance
    – Brushed metallic look
  • Outstanding formability facilitating large-scale production using IMD
  • Excellent printability without pre-treatment
  • Excellent clean edge die-cut ability
Grade Names Surface Property Gauge Availability
Uncoated LEXAN Graphic Film grades – Textured on one surface
8A35 Polished/Velvet 100-500 μm
8A13F Polish/ Fine matte 175-250 μm
8A13E Polish/ Matte ideal for tight graphic registration 75-500 μm
8A37 Polish/ Brushed 250-750 μm
8A73 Polish/ Matte light diffuser 250-500 μm
Uncoated LEXAN Graphic Film grades – Textured on both surfaces
8B35 (E) Matte/Velvet 75-500 μm
8B35F Fine matte/Velvet 175-750 μm
8B36 Matte/Suede 250-500 μm
8B38 Very fine matte/Velvet 250-750 μm
Uncoated LEXAN SLX Film grades
11A13 Polish/Matte 100-500 μm
11B35 Matte/Velvet 100-500 μm

Texture Guide
Matte/Fine matte Good printing surface. Not as smooth but offers increased scratch resistance compared to polished grade. It offers wet-out-window capability for automotive display applications.
Matte Light diffuser Hides filaments and eliminates ‘hot spots’ in back-lit applications. The preferred finish for ‘dead front’ graphics. Offers reduced surface reflection and gloss.
Velvet Hides scratches, fingerprints and marring for heavy-use applications. Also acts as a diffuser for “windowed” or back-lit applications.
Suede Excellent in very heavy-wear applications. Resists abrasion while maintaining its attractive appearance.
Brushed Unique brushed texture provides metallic appearance

Coated films

LEXAN™ high performance coated films offer unique solutions for scratch resistance, weatherability, anti-glare and anti-fog applications. These films have excellent resistance to abusive cleaners, chemicals and UV, provide excellent clarity of graphics and light diffusion as well as ease of printing and die cutting.

  • Potential applications:
  • Flat membrane switch overlays for gas pumps and outdoor labels
  • Lenses for handheld devices and consumer electronics
  • Overlays and IMD face plates for appliances and automotive interior applications
  • Anti-fog lenses for goggles, eyewear and freezer door films for supermarkets
  • Key benefits:
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • Resistance to abusive cleaners and chemicals
  • Improved hardness versus uncoated films
  • Variable gloss and printability
  • High surface (pencil) hardness
Grades Key features Gauge Availability
LEXAN HPxxS Film Abrasion resistance, First surface printable 175-750 μm
LEXAN HPxxW Film Weatherable, Chemical resistance 175-750 μm
LEXAN HPxxX Film Weatherable, Chemical resistance, First surface printable 175-750 μm
LEXAN HPxxE Film Abrasion resistance, Flexible 175-750 μm
LEXAN HPxxT Film Abrasion resistance, 2.5D Formable 175-750 μm
LEXAN OQ8DA Film Dual coated PC sheeted film, chemical and abrasion resistance 500-1200 μm
LEXAN OQ6DA Film Dual coated PC/PMMA film, high pencil hardness, chemical & abrasion resistance 500-1200 μm
LEXAN HPHAF Film Anti-fog formable hard coated 175-500 μm
VALOX™ HPNGAF Film Anti-fog 100 μm
VALOX HPNGFF Film Anti-fog coating, with adhesive backing 100 μm

xx in the grade denotes the gloss or surface finish on the coated side The attached table highlights the key features of the coated film grades with the available gloss/masking configurations

Surface Finish Guide
92 gloss Polished High gloss, smooth, wet look finish
60 gloss Very Fine Matte Low glare – not as smooth as polished
40 gloss Fine Matte Lower surface reflection and gloss
12 gloss Matte Lowest surface reflection and gloss

Display films

LEXAN™ Display films provide light diffusion and/or collimation while maximizing light transmission and LED hiding power for the LCD and LED back lighting industry. These products leverage SABIC’s expertise in optical quality resins and optical quality film extrusion in a clean room environment.

  • Potential applications:
  • Automotive LED displays such as dials, HVAC panels and GPS navigation
  • Handheld devices such as smartphone and tablet
  • Large LED/LCD displays for TV and monitors
  • Key benefits:
  • Significant cost-out versus coated PET film products - up to 30%
  • Lower material density - 15% lower versus PET
  • Monolithic gauge to 500μm (No lamination required)
  • Right balance of light transmission and hiding power
  • Material re-use of conversion losses
Grade series Texture Key features Gauge Availability
MB-grades Basic Lens Diffuser - Excellent hiding power
- Good luminance
- Suitable for stackable format
200-350 μm
*PA Grades
Straight Prism
- Straight prism, rounded tip
- Matte backside for anti-scratch
- Prism pitch at 200μm
- Right balance collimation & moiré
300-500 μm

Flame Retardant Films

Clear or opaque LEXAN™ FR films are flame retardant polycarbonate materials, which offer consistent properties for insulation and printability. These include puncture resistance, low moisture absorption, high thermal performance and excellent dielectric strength. It is available in a variety of surface textures and offers reliable ease of fabrication with its formability and dimensional stability at high temperatures.

  • Potential applications:
  • Heat/dielectric insulation
  • Die-cut insulators and spacers
  • Labels and overlays
  • Printed circuit boards
  • EMI shielding
  • Key benefits:
  • Flame resistance: UL94 V-0.VTM-0; HWI, HAI, CTI performance; meeting UL-1950, IEC950
  • Compliance with many of the environmental standards
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy, cost-effective fabrication
  • Compatibility with adhesives
Grade Names Key features Gauge Availability UL-rating/Gauge
LEXAN FR60 Film Clear Polish / Polish surfaces 125-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.125mm
V-0 / 0.2 mm
LEXAN FR63 Film Translucent Matte / Polish surfaces 175-500 μm VTM-0 / 0.125mm
V-0 / 0.2 mm
LEXAN FR65 Film Translucent Velvet / Matte surfaces 175-500 μm VTM-0 / 0.125mm
V-0 / 0.2 mm
LEXAN FR83 Film Translucent Matte / Polish surfaces
(Black & Clear Translucent Colors)
50-175 μm VTM-0 / 0.05mm
LEXAN FR700 Film Opaque black Velvet /
Fine Matte surfaces
250-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.175mm
V-0 / 0.25 mm
LEXAN FR25A Film Opaque black Velvet / Polish surfaces
(Black and White Colors)
250-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.175mm
V-0 / 0.25 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film Matte / Polish surfaces 75-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.125mm
V-0 / 0.625 mm

UL file numbers: EU-E45329, USA-E121562, China-E207780

Chlorine & bromine free fr films

These environmentally responsible, UL compliant, translucent or opaque films deliver non-brominated, non-chlorinated, flame retardant performance at various gauges range, enabling electrical/electronics OEMs to go beyond current enviromental directives by voluntarily eliminating halogenated additives in their products while meeting the requirements of the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHs) and Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE 2006) directives.

  • Potential applications:
  • Heat/dielectric shielding and insulation barriers
  • EMI shielding
  • Die-cut insulators and spacers
  • Printed circuit boards for Desktops and Servers
  • Battery packs and adaptors forcomputers, laptops, mobile phones
  • Key benefits:
  • Non-halogenated (no Chlorine or Bromine) films
  • UL-94 recognition, VTM-0 to V-0
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties
  • Increased chemical and hydrolytic resistance (NORYL™ EFR film)
  • Increased heat resistance (ULTEM™ film)
Grade Names Key features Gauge Availability UL-rating/Gauge
LEXAN™ EFR63 Film Clear translucent Matte / Polish surfaces 125-500 μm VTM-0 / 0.1 mm
V-2 / 0.43 mm
LEXAN EFR65 Film Clear translucent Velvet / Matte surfaces *50-500 μm
**125-500 μm
VTM-0 / 0.1mm
V-2 / 0.43 mm
LEXAN EFR85 Film Black opaque Velvet / Polish surfaces 175-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.175 mm
V-0 / 0.375 mm
LEXAN EFR95 Film Velvet / Fine Matte surfaces
(Black and White Colors)
175-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.175 mm
V-0 / 0.375 mm
NORYL EFR735 Film Matte / Fine Matte surfaces 150-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.05 mm
V-0 / 0.25 mm
RTI 130 °C at 0.375 mm & above
ULTEM 1000B Film Matte / Matte; Polish / Matte surfaces 50-750 μm VTM-0 / 0.025 mm
V-2 / 0.2 mm

UL file numbers: EU-E45329, USA-E121562, China-E207780
*50-500 µm available for black color
**125-500 µm available for natural color

Security documents and electronic id-card films

SABIC’s LEXAN™ SD film portfolio has been specially designed for easy manufacturing and lamination of complex secure ID cards. The portfolio includes a lasermarkable grade, a bright white (opaque) grade, a clear grade for the cover or intermediate layers, co-extruded film and flexible hard-coated film. These products directly address accelerating industry trends calling for more and thus thinner card layers to accommodate additional safety features, provide easy processing and enhanced durability for ID cards and other security documents.

  • Potential applications:
  • (e-)identity cards
  • drivers’ licenses
  • e-passport data pages
  • border crossing cards
  • residency permits
  • smart card inlays
  • tachometer cards
  • healthcare cards
  • Key Benefits:
  • Long term durability of cards(up to 10 years)
  • Optimal lamination of different filmlayers without use of adhesives
  • Precise gauge average and gauge tolerance (± 5% max from 50 - 249 μm and ±2.5% max from 250μm)
  • Excellent laser markability when exposed to 1064nm laser-equipment
  • Designed to be printed prior to lamination
Grade Names Key Features Gauge Availability
LEXAN SD8B14 film Clear 2 side textured monolithic PC film for overlays or intermediate layers. 30-400 μm
LEXAN SD8B24 film Bright white, opaque 2 side textured monolithic PC film for core layers. 50-440 μm
LEXAN SD8B94 film Clear laser markable 2 side textured monolithic PC film for high contrast laser personalization 30-150 μm
LEXAN SDCX film Clear or white co-extruded films for easy processing and laser marking 150 μm
LEXAN SC8A12E film One side flexible hard coated clear overlay 105 μm
LEXAN SC8A92E film One side flexible hard coated clear laser markable overlay 105 μm

Global company with local services & supply

Sabic's specialty film & sheet business is committed to its customers around the world with a portfolio of value-added specialty film materials, application support and worldwide services.

Specialty Film & Sheet business operates a worldwide network of sales, distribution, research, manufacturing and technical service facilities. With all twelve ISO certified manufacturing sites across the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, China, Malaysia, India and Brazil, the company serves customers around the world in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. As a business unit of SABIC, Specialty Film & Sheet benefits from global cross-business resources and expertise. From its network of technical centers in in the United States, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea and India, the company provides a variety of services. These include hands-on engineering and technical support that extends from right material selection to characterization of mechanical, thermal, UV/heat aging data, advanced light measurements, optical modeling to part design and installation guidelines. The company also offers a local team, complete supply chain and distribution organization to ensure a reliable source of materials to its customers wherever their manufacturing site is located. SABIC ranks among the world’s top petrochemical companies, and is a global market leader in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene, advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol and fertilizers. SABIC operates in more than 40 countries across the world with 33,000 employees worldwide. It has significant research resources with 18 dedicated technology & innovation facilities in Saudi Arabia, the USA, the Netherlands, Spain, India and China.

We are headquartered in New, Delhi with branches in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vadodara, Gujarat. Due to our warehouse locations in these strategic locations, we are able to supply Lexan Polycarbonate Films in these near by states.

  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bhubneswar, Orissa
  • Shimal, Himachal Pradesh
  • Chandigarh Punjab & Haryana
  • Jammu & Kashmir

Lexan Film Portfolio

  • Uncoated Graphic Films
    • Polished Surface Film
    • One-side Textured Film
    • Two-side Textured Film
  • Coated Films
    • Anti-fog Film
    • Formable Film
    • Abrasion Resistant Film
    • Weatherable Film
    • Harder Film
  • Display Films
    • Microlens Diffuser Film
    • Straight Prism Film
  • Electrical Films
    • FR Film
    • Chlorine/Bromine Free FR Film
  • Security & ID-card Films
    • Mono-layer Film
    • Coex-layer Film
    • Coated Film